Proven roulette strategies

Since the rules of the casino games are strictly defined, the strategy of the draw can be made easily. Actually, they started to do it many years before us, and the most popular strategy is considered to be Martingale. Named after its creator, this strategy is based on betting with the winning 1 to 1. It implies that you gradually accumulate your winnings by correctly varying the amount of bets. By the way, this strategy can also be used to play other casino entertainment. If you are looking for a reliable casino, you should first look for reviews of popular casinos. For example, you can look for reviews jackpot city casino canada at

The rules of Martingale casino games are as follows. In the case of roulette you choose, say, a bet on the “small”. Bet $1 on it. If your bet played – you bet $1 on the “big”, subject to the elementary laws of probability theory. If you bet and lost – you again bet on the same figure, only $2. Again, everything is logical: the probability that the bet will play is now even higher, and with the increased amount you level up the previous losing move. If again there was a loss – again you increase twice (bet $4) and wait for the cherished win. When it happens – go back to “small”. Similarly, you can bet on colors or even / odd, but then you have to choose one category and play, guided by this framework. However, the theory of Martingale has many critics. This strategy is not the only one, and each has its supporters and opponents. In any case, nothing prevents you from trying and determine the value of the strategy for yourself.

On the other hand, there are quite a few players who dislike strategy in principle. And if you, too, prefer to give yourself over to gambling and intuition without too many schemes and calculations, there is a mini strategy for you, too. You can bet on numbers, trying to guess them, but insure yourself by betting on colors or others with a 1-to-1 probability. The rules do not prohibit you from making more than one bet at a time. And that way you can smooth out failures to guess numbers, which according to probability theory are much higher than failures on low-dispersion bets.

Classic Roulette

Betting at the casino can be done either on an emulator or with a live dealer. But there is another important point in the categorization of different versions of this gambling entertainment. In fact, betting in the casino on the emulator or a live dealer – a choice with a matter of taste. That’s who is more comfortable or accustomed to. But they all have several versions. So, there are a few versions, but very niche versions like French and Chinese can be omitted. There are few of them and they are not popular anywhere. Mostly found only European and American versions. And here the rules of casino games can be clearly reduced to the fact that you should focus on European roulette.

The European version is the original classic with the same percentage return of 97.3%. She has one “losing” section – the zero. In the American version is a zero and double zero. Actually, double zero on the reel added already in America, when enterprising casino owners realized that it would be possible to have more money from the players. Well, the U.S. has long been a trendsetter in the world of gambling, so online casinos have leaked the same “tricky” version. But to be fair, it should be noted that the European version to please the audience is much more common. It is worth it and stop your choice.

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