Online casino bonuses

There are a lot of gambling establishments on the Internet, including scammers, who, under the guise of attractive conditions, are only going to rob clients. Fortunately, world rankings allow you to track the most popular casinos, as well as compare their offers with other competitors. As you can see, there is nothing complicated, through any search engine using standard phrases: “casino rating”, “the best bonuses in online casinos”, you can easily choose an institution to your taste. In our opinion, the most interesting and fair platform for gambling is this website

Categories of bonuses in online casinos can be divided into two groups: simple and complex

The first one includes those offers and opportunities offered by casinos that do not involve any monetary rewards.

1. Free games or bets – in a modern gaming society it does not surprise anyone, however trial games of roulette or poker are far from being available on all websites, so they can also be considered as bonuses.

For all guests, some online casinos offer a free game in any of the slot machines. Increasing the time of the game – some machines may have a limited game time, but for the new client they can provide favorable conditions due to which he can win more money than regular customers of the casino.

2. Double win – in does not involve any money, as a rule is introduced for the first rate (or for several starting rates) and can be limited to a certain fee.

The player does not necessarily win something, but such a casino bonus attracts customers, because even if a person loses, he may want to win back, which means the first move from the casino has already been done successfully.

3. Introductory course.

Many players who start playing online casinos do not have any gaming experience at all. For this reason, some of them, elementary, without understanding the rules or ideas of the game and not really making it half a step, leave this casino. Therefore, many casinos are trying to do everything possible to train the player. On many websites you can find in games where the automatic prompter will direct the gameplay in the right direction, which will allow you to calmly and without risk understand all the rules and subtleties of the game, before you start putting real money.

4. VIP status.

Such a status can really appreciate their players never forget about them. For the most affluent, gaming clubs open special accounts, separate halls with increased betting limits, and even pay extra money for every win. This is done so that customers can constantly play with high stakes. In this position, online casinos have long surpassed their land rivals. After all, in order to receive VIP status even in an average offline establishment, you will have to spend dozens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. In online casinos to receive such privileged status, it will be enough to make one large deposit. Further status of VIP clients is determined by the casino rules. You may need a certain activity or permanent replenishment of your account.

5. Cashback.

As a consolation prize, it is often possible to come across the possibility of returning the lost money, it is called Cashback or “cashback bonus”. Some people only play at casinos because of these returns. As a rule, online places return a certain percentage of the lost amount and only if the player complies with certain rules: a game limit, after which it is possible to receive the next bonus (day, week or month), or no more than 5-35% of the deposit amount. In fairness it should be noted that there are clubs that in exceptional cases can pay cashbacks that go up to 100%.