How to find a grill for your home?

With the grill you can cook hot and juicy food with crispy crust. How can I diversify my home menu with tasty and healthy food? Special home grill settings will solve the problem. You can also check this overview for more details at

Which grill is perfect?

The convenience of cooking does not depend on the price of the equipment. Choosing a grill installation, you need to answer a few questions:

  • how often it will be used;
  • how much is planned to cook at a time;
  • which type of fuel is preferable;
  • you only need to cook at home, or in the countryside too.

The answers will determine which grill is best for you:

  • The small grill for cooking is gas everywhere;
  • The average picnic grill in the yard is a gas-coal grill;
  • The small grill for cooking in the apartment is electric;
  • Large grill for restaurants, cafe – gas.

There are three main types of grills – gas, coal and electric equipment.

Gas grill – maximum possibilities 

Would you like to diversify your restaurant or cafe menu? Do you expect to cook often and multiply? Pay attention to the gas grills – easy to use, powerful, durable and reliable.

There are gas grills:

  1. Stationary. Usually equipped with 3 or more burners, which allows you to quickly cope with large portions. Grilles of this category are large enough, but quite suitable for placement in the home – they can be installed and used, for example, on the veranda. Optimal capacity of the “family” grill is 10-12 servings. The most common form of such grills is rectangular.
  2. Mobile. Small portable variants are suitable for cooking on a picnic or a summer residence, they are small and medium, can be equipped with stands of any height. The shape of these grills is round and rectangular.


  • do not smoke;
  • are easy to clean;
  • are quickly cooked;
  • they are suitable for cooking all year round;
  • preserve the natural taste of the products;
  • designed for long-term use;
  • you can adjust the temperature and set different values for several burners.

Gas grills are almost always equipped with the latest technology – the set often includes a spit, implemented handle lighting, the main elements are made of stainless steel. But such equipment will cost more than coal. Besides, it is more difficult to buy gas than coal, and its consumption is about 3 times higher.

Coal barbecue grill

Do you prefer a dish with smoke? A charcoal grill is not the best option for an apartment, but it can be perfectly placed in the yard of the house.


  • mobility;
  • cheap fuel;
  • three ways of cooking.

The BBQ grill is good for picnics in the country house, it can be easily moved to any place you like. Most of the charcoal grill stands are equipped with a pair of wheels – just slightly lift and push the structure in the right direction. The grill can be equipped with a special charcoal tray or bowl, with a combined cutting surface. The most common form of charcoal grill is the lid bowl. The charcoal grill can be combined with a gas grill – the mobile equipment works on two types of fuel, has several burners and can regulate the temperature with the help of handles. This option can be used both outside (with coal) and indoors (with gas).

The electric grill is a compact unit for your kitchen

Need a small, elegant grill that doesn’t require coal or gas? It is enough to plug the electric grill into the socket and the power supply problems will be solved.


  • small size;
  • aesthetic appearance;
  • mobility;
  • temperature control;
  • no need to fill up;
  • work from a standard network;
  • can cook and heat food at low temperatures;
  • do not smoke, leave soot and soot;
  • retain the natural flavour of the products;
  • no need to clean.